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Patchwork adds a gentle touch of authentic vintage charm to any setting. 6 rich colour variations create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that inspires elegance and sophistication. Take a trip down memory lane, while Patchwork creates a new story in every room.

Mix & match with the crisscrossing design of our Pattern collection to establish a place where time really does stand still. Patchwork meets all stringent requirements of today’s hotel and office spaces and is, consequently, perfectly suitable for intensive use. Lead times are subject to availability.

Patchwork - patchwork-965 - 4-week-delivery Patchwork 9654 Week Delivery
Patchwork - patchwork-957 - 4-week-delivery Patchwork 9574 Week Delivery
Patchwork - patchwork-830 - 4-week-delivery Patchwork 8304 Week Delivery
Patchwork - patchwork-610 - 12-week-delivery Patchwork 61012 Week Delivery
Patchwork - patchwork-592 - 12-week-delivery Patchwork 59212 Week Delivery
Patchwork - patchwork-351 - 4-week-delivery Patchwork 3514 Week Delivery

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