First Lines

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First Lines is a low loop pile carpet tile consisting of 8 contract colours. Each colour is available in 2 versions with a linear accent colour.

Combined with First, this product offers many design possibilities and can be installed in different ways. Lead times are subject to availability.

First Lines - 916-graflet - 4-week-delivery 916 GRAFLET4 Week Delivery
First Lines - 541-imperial-blue - 4-week-delivery 541 IMPERIAL BLUE4 Week Delivery
First Lines - 856-nutmec - 4-week-delivery 856 NUTMEC4 Week Delivery
First Lines - 546-crimson-blue - 4-week-delivery 546 CRIMSON BLUE4 Week Delivery
First Lines - 966-crimson-black - 4-week-delivery 966 CRIMSON BLACK4 Week Delivery
First Lines - 971-black - 4-week-delivery 971 BLACK4 Week Delivery

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