Constructing Tretford Roll

In Inner Mongolia, millions of goats and thousands of small farm holdings create the back drop to Tretford.

Tretford source their natural goat hair fibres from Mongolian farming communities. This ensures the goat hair is of the highest quality and also, sustainable.

Goats bred and farmed for the Cashmere industry provide the durable, colour-fast goat hair that is the hallmark of Tretford. These goats and these farmers are still the life blood of Tretford.

The Mongolian goats are all combed and clipped by hand, ensuring they are not injured and retain enough hair to survive on the high plateaus.

In keeping with the strong sustainable focus of Tretford, all carpet remains unbleached, giving the carpet its stunning naturally rich colour when dyed. Some colours also remain completely undyed, allowing the organic colour characteristics to shine through.
Tretford chose a natural Hessian backing for their roll carpet.

Tretfords’ patented manufacturing process provides a healthier environment by reducing dust and allergens in the air and are one of the few carpet manufacturers in the world that can make this claim.

The very essence of Tretford is based on the unique craftsmanship and attention to detail. Tretford carpets and rugs are born from a natural desire to create.