How Tretford carpets create better environments.

Sony fitout by Heritage Carpets NZ

We all know that interior design isn’t just about aesthetic good looks, it is also about improving the quality of our environment. A healthy physical environment has the flow on effect of improving mental and emotional wellbeing. Intrinsic in the remit for architects and interior designers is the responsibility to select environmentally friendly products to achieve both goals.

Flooring is one of the single biggest aspects of a design solution that can impact an interior both in terms of the design concept, but also the environmental impact of the fit-out.

Heritage Carpets NZ work with partners who design and make carpets that have sustainability at their core. Among them is Tretford carpets, who have a unique story, as their materials are sustainably grown…..on the backs of Cashmere goats from Mongolia.

For over 50 years, Tretford have been sustainably clipping the long top hair of Highland goats from Inner and Outer Mongolia, then crafting it in Ireland and Germany, partly by hand, into glorious, natural carpet.

Spark Willis Street, Wellington: by Heritage Carpets NZ for Architecture Plus

Naturally dyed into a myriad of colours, Tretford carpet fibres have a characteristic ribbed design. Goat hair has intrinsically hygroscopic properties, meaning it can absorb moisture from the air in a room and release it back into the environment when needed. The structure of the hair means it bonds to fine dust particles – great for allergy sufferers – and it absorbs sound, is dirt repellent and very hardy.

Being non-fraying, cutting and shaping the broadloom and creating custom rugs is a breeze. Tretford can be shaped into incredibly creative floor designs, custom wall panels, branded carpet inserts and feature rugs in amazing colour combinations.

Since Tretford carpets have a positive influence on the indoor climate, they are ideal for residential carpet, childcare flooring and workplace commercial carpets.

Icebreaker HQ, Auckland & Lane Neave, Christchurch both by Heritage Carpets NZ for Jasmax

All our carpets have a sustainable story, and all are exceptional in looks and performance.

It’s hard to beat a good goat story though, right? Happy goats make great carpets, as it turns out.