Langlands Hotel Invercargill




For Warren and Mahoney’s Langlands Hotel in Invercargill, the designers were looking for an organic carpet design to represent a lakeside experience, offering a sense of what lay beneath the surface as one might look down from the edge of the water; reeds or grasses gently waving at the shore’s edge, and glimpses of pebbles appearing to shift under softy lapping waves.


Warren and Mahoney commissioned Heritage Carpets to deliver a custom carpet solution throughout the Hotel, as well as a custom feature rug for reception.



Initial contact from designers with Heritage Carpets was in late 2018 and progressed through 2019 as the designs were developed.

After pricing in mid 2020 flooring was ordered early 2021 and installed late 2021.

The Hotel opening in 2022, delayed through covid, was extremely well received.



Heritage co-designed and supplied custom Axminster* carpets for all carpeted areas of the Hotel including meeting spaces, accessways and rooms, in durable solution dyed nylon. Heritage supported the process from concept, through the design phase, production and delivery on site.



The carpet design is based on lake water. Undeveloped sketches were supplied as a concept and collaboration between the designer and Umesh (owner of Heritage Carpets and head of sales and design) evolved the design into the representation of what was in the designer’s mind.

The end result is a pattern that evokes what you can see through lapping water at a lake’s edge. Leaving tantalizing room for interpretation, the finished design is based on reeds and grasses, pebbles and bubbles, shifting gently under shallow water, all in hues of blue.



Patterns are fitted to each room size and configuration throughout the Langlands Hotel.

Corridors compliment the rooms with ‘reeds’ reaching into the blue of the lake

Rooms fade out from the edge to achieve a seamless boarder effect, into a watery centre

Suites are in multiple designs. Where rooms flow into more than one area – think bedroom to living space – the carpet design continues seamlessly from room to room, expanding the pattern rather than repeating it.

Foyer rug was a custom wool round, 3.5metres across, in a contrasting palette of browns and golden tones.



Creating the bubble/pebble look interpreting the designer’s intent and translating that into the physical carpet. There were many design revisions before sampling, reducing sample revisions down to only one.



A stunning, unique result that the Hotel is delighted with; they consistently receive excellent feedback from guests and visitors.



PROJECT NAME: Langlands Hotel


INSTALLER: The Flooring Centre

PRODUCT: custom Axminster broadloom and foyer rug


*Axminster Carpet is an extremely robust woven carpet resulting from a specific manufacturing process. This type of carpet is used in hotels and public spaces around the world. The process has its roots in Devon, England 1755.


Heritage Carpets supply custom carpets and rugs and are the exclusive distributors of modulyss, Bentley Mills and Fletco in New Zealand.