Master Class is inspired by mid-century modern.

There are 3 looks in the range, characterised by colour and pattern with a modern take on a retro feel.
Culture Cues, History Notes, and Media Made.


Blue and grey toned carpet with mid centry vibes: masterClass by Bentley Mills


A repeating pattern that’s a bit nostalgic, is somehow geometric and organic at the same time.



Like history itself, appears orderly and linear but a closer look shows it is more complex with periodic shifts in direction

deep marron retro patterned carpet


Takes the idea and …… makes it bigger!

Mid-century modernists knew a thing or two about throwing open the windows after a dark, drab period; many of the same things that inspired them are at play today.  Characterised by warmth and informality, not precious nor pretentious, the post WWII culture was a movement in pursuit of new technology with simple, affordable materials, that communicated accessibility and inclusion.

Master Class Collection takes the lesson from those past masters, juxtaposing purposeful and playful. Uplifting forms and colours add brightness and energy. The collection explores the spectrum from saturated to softer hues. And with colours like Cabernet and Nature Walks, this palette – and pattern – is full of delightful retro vibes.

Available in broadloom and carpet tile & plank, like all Bentley carpets, Master Class is PVC-free, answering our concern for the essential while satisfying our desire for lightness and hope.

Backings include the impervious Elite Flex for broadloom, and this Fast Track (10 day manufacture) product has eco-credentials in spades, made from Thrive recycled yarn.

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