In modern schools, noise has a major impact on student’s psychological and physical wellbeing and so can reduce learning and productivity.
You can contribute to improving human health and wellness by choosing the right product for your building or community project.


modulyss dBack helps to reduce noise to allow concentration, yet at the same time provide an environment where communication is easy.
The backing also absorbs footfall impact, reduces leg muscle fatigue and generally makes the environment a more comfortable place to be.


modulyss® selected the most dense and stable felt backing in order to assure the perfect seams and the steadiness all through the life cycle of the carpet tiles.


modulyss dBack Acoustic Backed Carpet Tiles


Contact your Heritage Carpets Consultant to find out which of our European made ranges will best suit your education project.

Welcome Robert!

We welcome Robert Kairua, our new Architectural Consultant, to our Heritage Carpets family.
Robert will be looking after our Auckland clients. I’m sure you will hear from him soon.