Celebrate refined minimalism and functional design, where simplicity and dynamism, serenity and vitality combine to create mindful spaces.

Since the inception of modulyss, the First collection of commercial carpet tiles has been a true evergreen. Now re-engineered and revamped, the collection consists of 6 loop-pile ranges that use colour to provide coordination and balanced contrast.

Some of the colours within this collection can serve as base tiles, perfect for customisation with graphic designs, visuals, or gradients, allowing you to express your brand identity limitlessly through spatial design.



First Forward, First Straightline, First Streamline, First Decode, First Define and the 2024 addition First Sway


Sway: 11 colours / Define: 11 colours / Forward: 27 colours


First Sway introduces an element of surprise and dynamism to your environment, keeping your space alive and engaging. A timeless flooring design with a subtle sense of movement, matching in palette with Define and Decode, and dovetailing in with the colourways across the whole collection.

Soft and sophisticated, the randomised texture of concrete is mimicked in the expressive pattern of First Define. Alongside the more linear patterns found in the First collection, Define adds a flowing design to the series.


First Forward  carpet tile brings effortless elegance in a wide range of 27 colours. A timeless carpet design that holds a little bit of boldness and a whole lot of class. Add extra dimension by mixing & matching Forward with the other designs in the collection.



Streamline: 14 colours / Straight Line: 22 colours / Decode: 11 colours


First Straightline – base plus accents – adds a contrasting pinstripe to the First Collection. Driven by 4 classy bases in blue, beige, grey and black, you can create subtle tonal combinations or power up the design with contrasting accent stripes. Reminiscent of the swift motion of cars on a highway, Straightline imbues your space with dynamic energy, evoking a sense of progress and continuous evolution.

The elegant, multi-striped design of First Streamline adds soft, linear contrast to your flooring design, creating a sophisticated knitted effect. Besides being an ideal match for First Forward, First Streamline can also be mixed & matched with a selection of colours of Motion///Vision for playful colour gradients.


Moving from light to dark and from thin to thicker lines, First Decode offers a gradient-like barcode effect, adding dynamism and subtle drama to any commercial space.

First Sway, new for 2024, pictured in Education.


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