Nature Collection

Universal Connection – Rug (Small)


A universal cultural weaving pattern that is born out of creation where all life is interconnected and sacred. It speaks of our united human connection and the lattice of life that is rhythmic and seasonal.
We weave and tell stories that keep our ancestral knowledge alive.

Product options

Rug 1.6m X 2.5m – Price $7,800

Rug 2m X 3m – Price $9,100

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars.


100% hand tufted NZ wool

Each design is available in

Rugs, broadloom/roll carpet, custom colour and size.


If you find a design you like, please select the Enquire Now button and we will be in touch. Designs are made to order, and will take 6-8 weeks to deliver. Custom designs require samples to be made for colour correctness, and take +/- 12 weeks to deliver.

Colour Options

Ink Night Sky8 Week Delivery
Silver Dark8 Week Delivery
Clay8 Week Delivery
Forest Dark8 Week Delivery