Summer Pics from the Heritage Carpets Team 🙂


Domotex Hanover 2017 had a wide range of new and exciting products. Our colleague Umesh attended the fair and noticed a continued push in the residential area for plain solution dyed nylon carpets as well as soft shiny variations.

In commercial as with most years there are many new designs and a growth in random patterns. Softer colours seemed to dominate.

There is still massive presence in LVT and engineered timber sectors, as well as some interesting innovation in the accessories and equipment sectors.

This year the fair was about connections for Heritage Carpets, with new suppliers keen to explore possibilities together, and many discussions with old friends regarding market trends around the world and opportunities in NZ.

We’re really looking forward to discussing some of our findings when the time is right, but just call if you’re looking for something new, there is plenty.

Would you like the Good News or Bad News first??

Some of you may have heard our wonderfully organised and efficient Administration & Logistics Coordinator Olga has left Heritage Carpets. We will miss her straight talking and quirky humor and wish her every success in her new business venture.

Fortunately however, we have managed to clone her and would like to welcome Veronika Victorova to our team. Veronika comes to Heritage Carpets with a background in Logistics and Customer Service and is already fitting in well with our ‘Heritage’ family.

The benefits of using tretford® carpet

What is tretford® carpet?

The principal component in tretford® carpet is goat hair. The hair used is a by-product of goat farming for the cashmere industry.
The goats “guard” or top hair represents pre-consumer recycled content, as this hair would normally be discarded.

How is it produced?

The hair is clipped, hand-picked and sorted and then washed in a solution of mild soap. No chemicals are used or necessary.
The water is sourced from groundwater & rain water supplies and the waste water at the end of the process can be used, untreated, to irrigate local farmland.

Colour and Dyeing
Three of the 61 colours in the Tretford® palette are manufactured using undyed goat hair:

1. 587 Double Cream
2. 512 Dapple Grey
3. 538 Silver Birch (a blend of the first two)

No bleach is used in tretford® goat hair prior to dyeing the other colours. This gives the goat hair superior appearance retention and soil-resistance characteristics.

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