Buddle Findlay

Project: Buddle Findlay Law Offices, Auckland


Warren and Mahoney invited Heritage Carpets to provide soft flooring for their refined, up-market design for Buddle Findlay law offices in Central Auckland. The design team initially considered a custom colour combination, then settling on existing colour ways from modulyss DSGN Absolute carpet tiles and Tretford broadloom.

The eco-carpet ranges were ordered in February for an April delivery, and despite Covid-related freight delays, after several 2am conversations with our suppliers in Belgium, modulyss arrived to join the Tretford rolls, meeting the 8 week lead time. As luck would have it, the time advantage was then thwarted by pandemic-related site delays, and the project was delivered before the close of 2020.

DSGN Absolute features a combination of 2 colour tones creating a subtle organic pattern, which sits beautifully against the restful solid wall colours and timbers, to soften the spaces. Semi-open meeting zones were defined using contrasting colour ways of DSGN Absolute 912 and 930.

Warren and Mahoney used Tretford in closed meeting spaces and in access ways, in Dapple Grey. The goat hair carpet is ideal for offices & meeting rooms, as the natural fibres improve air quality, trapping dust and alternately absorbing or releasing moisture into the air as the atmosphere requires. The solid tone gives a more formal, crisp feeling that aligns with the function of these spaces.

Project Information:

Project Name: Buddle Findlay
Architect/Designer: Warren & Mahoney

Installer: Comfloor

Images: Mark Scowen Photography
Products: modulyss DSGN Absolute 912 and 930, Tretford Dapple Grey, exclusive from Heritage Carpets in New Zealand