Bentley Mills

About Bentley Mills

Bentley Mills is California’s only commercial carpet manufacturer. They have designed and made award-winning carpet tile, broadloom and rugs for more than 40 years.

Bentley is part of the Balta Group, a leading manufacturer of textile floor coverings. Balta Group boasts an integrated production from yarn to carpet and employs around 4000 people in 11 manufacturing sites and distribution centres including the United States.


The Bentley aesthetic

Bentley creates stunning designs, characterised by pattern, texture and colour, that ranges from neutrals through to bold statements. They are in constant evolution to bring new and exciting products to the market. Based in Los Angeles, within the heart of the entertainment industry, their collections often draw inspiration from the arts – dance, theatre, backstage – and the vibrancy of the city itself.


Services from Bentley

Bentley offers a custom service; for a selection of existing designs, colours can be chosen from a pre-determined range, or with COLOURCAST any colour can be matched. They also offer custom design, where texture and colours can be chosen.

Bentley offers a Fast Track solution across many of their ranges, meaning it can be manufactured in 10 days, rather than the typical 4 – 6 weeks. As they’re on the West Coast the shipping times to New Zealand are less than typical lead times from USA.



A Carbon Neutral Company, Bentley Mills is committed to sustainable commerce and social responsibility.

We are proud of their innovations towards environmental protection. The L.A. manufacturing facility was the first to earn a Green Building Council certification for Leadership in Energy and Environment for an existing Building (LEED-EB), for design, construction and operation. The Ever Green sustainability programme focuses on a continual cycle of environmental improvement. California environmental regulations are known to be more stringent than other parts of the USA.; as Bentley Mills says, the bar is set high, and they like it there.

Bentley is also committed to social equity. Through community outreach programmes, and carbon offset projects targeted at health and livelihood strategies and support (clean water, sustainable infrastructure and more), Bentley also invests in natural climate solutions including green area restoration and renewable energy technology programmes.

Heritage Carpets is proud to be the sole importer and distributor of Bentley flooring in New Zealand.

Watch a little of the magic of Bentley.

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