The partners we work with prioritise the good of the environment in the materials used, the processes in the manufacture and through the life of the product. They also look after their staff. We have seen how they operate first hand, so we know they continually strive to do better, moving towards carbon zero. The high quality of the product means it is long-lasting and replaced less frequently than fashion products which is another key attribute for sustainability. This is why, aside from design aesthetics, we choose to work with the brands that we proudly represent.

Our products carry eco-labels and declarations that are recognised in their place of origin, as well as globally. You can read about their accreditations here, and how they fit into the New Zealand Green Building Council Green Star ratings.

As a business, we also strive to do better, reuse and recycle packaging and minimise waste.

We take carpets back at end of life to either return to their place of origin to recycle or to support charities to reuse carpet being removed from fit-outs. Because the quality of our product is so good, the carpet retains its quality past the date of your typical re-fit.

We are extremely proud of the contributions modulyss®, Bentley Mills and Fletco are making towards protecting the future of our planet, and we are 100% transparent about what our products contain and how they are manufactured.

You can contact us for support regarding Green Star credits.

Read more about our Eco Labels