About modulyss

modulyss® design and make premium carpet tiles. Based in Belgium, they are known for their quality, timeless aesthetic, and for their innovation, driving towards a sustainable future. modulyss® are in constant evolution to meet the changing needs of the market, the environment and excellence in customer and staff care.


The modulyss Aesthetic

In design, modulyss® focuses on stories, with a narrative behind each of their products and ranges. These narratives support design concepts and idea development for architects and interior designers. modulyss® carpet tile collection colours, patterns & textures mix & match, so that the creative possibilities are endless across the entire product range.



Protecting the environment and sustainability are at the core of what modulyss® is about. We are especially proud of our partner’s innovations in sustainable fibre technology; modulyss® is continually expanding its range of tiles made from 100% ECONYL regenerated nylon fibres. The process’s benefits to the environment are two-fold, given that much of the nylon is recycled from recovered ghost nets that would otherwise continue to destroy marine habitats.

At modulyss, squares can be circular too. From our circular and Cradle to Cradle Certified® solutions to our carbon-neutral carpet tiles, we want to give you every option to take responsibility and limit the environmental footprint of your project.”

Discover how you can Limit Your Footprint.

Heritage Carpets is proud to be the sole importer and distributor of modulyss® carpet tiles in New Zealand.

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