Reduce CO2 Emissions with the Handcraft Collection by modulyss.

modulyss are rising to the challenge of Global Warming.
They realise steps must be taken to improve the situation as fast as possible, so have made selected carpet tiles available with low CO² emissions in their CO²RE carbon offset initiative.

Portuguese bank, Banco BAI Europa, which overlooks the beautiful city of Lisbon, chose Moss and Grind carpet tiles from the modulyss Handcraft range.
These carpet tiles offer a biophilic design that complements the light-toned wood and marble in the office space. Grind, one of the modulyss minituft collections, offers an extra grainy texture, as opposed to Moss, which is soft to the touch.

Carbon offsetting is a proven model that means low CO² status can be achieved for modulyss’ carpet tiles.

CO2RE comes as standard on the Handcraft collection; Moss, Leaf, Willow & Grind and is available on request on all other modulyss carpet tile collections.