Holiday Inn Queenstown

Hotel lobby of Holiday Inn Queenstown with custom axminster rugs by Heritage Carpets NZ

Heritage Carpets worked with Plus Architecture to design and make fully customised rugs for the entry foyer of the Holiday Inn Queenstown.


The Brief:

Taking inspiration from the Southern landscape and the Holiday Inn brand palette, the carpets were to provide contrast to the clean architectural lines and introduce both softness and texture as well as colour accents.


The Solution:

Umesh Dayal, founder of Heritage Carpets and design consultant on this bespoke project explains, “The round rug in the fire-side setting was designed to complement the design palette and to add texture to an interior that otherwise features smooth surfaces and clean lines. The rectangular, darker-toned rug represents the autumnal mountain landscape of an evening. Rusty tones and deep browns refer to hillsides of burnt tussock, while pink and blue represent the sky at dusk. The charcoal “shadows” connect to the fire-side rug across the same space.”

Introducing large rugs where people congregate in the open-plan hotel foyer not only provides visual focal points and adds to the personality of the interior but also assists to soften acoustics and delineate zones within the space. And they are the ultimate in flexible design.


Project Information:

Project Name: Holiday Inn

Architect: Plus Architecture

Design Director: Matthew Charles

Products: custom hand tufted rugs