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Introducing the new Modulyss range


Unwind in luxury. 

The Velvet& carpet tile collection defines opulence through lavish textural contrast and rich colours combining for the look of elegant, time-worn velvet. 

Luxurious hues starring rust, navy, ocean, burgundy, jade, ochre, purple and grey are given tonal duality through random tip-sheared texture; a tight and dense structure interspersed by areas of velours for a rich velvet-feel. 

Mix & match the collection’s 18 royal tints with selected colours from Fashion& for a tone-on-tone effect that redefines sophisticated carpet luxury in today’s work and hospitality spaces. 

The luxury of velvet with the assurance of ultimate performance.

Some of our team have been away on holiday…

Boon went to Singapore

How was your trip to Singapore Boon? 
It was a great time to reconnect with my family who live there. Family from Singapore and Malaysia come together once every year for a reunion dinner followed by a showcase of the traditional Lion dance that brings wealth and prosperity to the family.

Kahurangi went to Bali

How was your trip to Bali?
Bali is one of those playgrounds that stimulates all the senses. The culture, religions, food and scenery are rich in colour and beauty. Like many before me have said, it’s the people that really make this place an incredible destination to go to. The people are by the far the most welcoming, warm people I have ever met across the globe. I encourage anyone out there to visit this beautiful place. 

The benefits of using tretford® carpet

What is tretford® carpet?

The principal component in tretford® carpet is goat hair. The hair used is a by-product of goat farming for the cashmere industry.
The goat’s “guard” or top hair represents pre-consumer recycled content, as this hair would normally be discarded.

How is it produced?

The hair is clipped, hand-picked and sorted and then washed in a solution of mild soap. No chemicals are used or necessary.
The water is sourced from groundwater & rain water supplies and the waste water at the end of the process can be used, untreated, to irrigate local farmland.

Colour and Dyeing
Four of the 61 colours in the Tretford® palette are manufactured using undyed goat hair:

1. 587 Double Cream
2. 512 Dapple Grey
3. 538 Silver Birch (a blend of the first two)
4. 515 Uzbek

No bleach is used in tretford® goat hair prior to dyeing the other colours. This gives the goat hair superior appearance retention and soil-resistance characteristics.

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