Allegro – Interlude II – Backstage II

Interlude II


Allegro and Interlude reference costume design for the stage, notably for dancers.

Allegro explores the textiles used, celebrating both the delicacy of fabrics that are designed to move gracefully with the body, whilst being robust enough to perform despite the physical demands of the dancer.

2024 introduces refreshed colourways for both Interlude and Backstage.

Interlude II examines the craft of costume design, the pleating and pinning, the structure of design.

Backstage II talks to the quiet energy of last-minute detail crafted in the wings to perfect costumes for artists about to take to the stage. The muted colour supports the subtle movement of the patterning and highlights the skill of the costume design team with their eye for detail.

Together Allegro, Interlude II and Backstage II applaud grace, grit and textile craft.




  • Allegro – 12 colours – warp/weft/weave pattern
  • Interlude II – 12 colours – geometric pattern
  • Backstage II – 12 colours – textured look
  • Available in tile, plank and broadloom, with the option of Elite Flex impervious backing, or cushion and hardback.
  • Solution Dyed tufted, textured loop nylon means it is colourfast and suitable for commercial fit-outs
  • Green Star points – CRI Green Label Plus, Cradle to Cradle Silver, EPD, Declare Labels.

Interlude II

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Backstage II

Interlude II


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