Polder, Meadow Dune 901


The Heritage Collection is a beautifully contextual range of carpet tiles from the timeless, design-centric, eco-brand modulyss.

This earthy collection tells a story of place and tradition,  inspired by the Flemish landscape.

The subtlety of pattern and colour share an almost ethereal quality, somewhere between dreaming of Romance and nestling into Earth Mother.

Typical Flemish landscapes, rooted in the history and culture of Belgium – the home of modulyss® – are translated into 5 tactile carpet tile designs.

Mix colours in the same design, or between designs. Mix textures from two or more of the designs in the same colour, giving a beautiful, subtle contrast through organic shifts and the introduction of more linear references. The palette is gorgeous, restful and connected to nature.




A softly linear pattern, in a loop pile, designed to be laid random. Beautiful on its own, or as a contrast laid to mix and match with other designs from the Collection.

12 colours, tufted solution-dyed, 100% ECONYL yarn – all Cradle to Cradle certified, from Silver to Gold.

Polders are a typical part of the Flemish landscape. They’re one of the most fertile regions in the country and lend themselves perfectly for farming. Before the crops start to grow, you get this iconic view of the high ridges and deep furrows that form some kind of sand sculpture. This repetitive linear pattern is what defines the Polder collection.

Dune with Polder


Subtle linen-look, loop pile.

12 colours, tufted solution-dyed, 100% ECONYL yarn – all Cradle to Cradle certified, from Silver to Gold.

In the northwest, Belgium is defined by its 65 km long coastline. The sandy beaches and grassy dunes characterise this ever-changing landscape and are home to many childhood memories.



A subtle linear pattern, still with an organic feel, in loop pile.

12 colours, tufted solution-dyed, 100% ECONYL yarn – all Cradle to Cradle certified, from Silver to Gold.

You can’t take a road trip through Belgium without noticing the grasslands. These characteristic open fields shape the view of many rural regions and create a calming base for trees, flowers and often livestock. Meadow interprets the curves of this typical landscape and translates the rhythm of the grass swaying in the wind into an organic carpet tile design.



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A subtle, shifting density of colour, like the mists that inspired it. Particularly interesting as it comes in loop pile and cut pile, so that you can use the same colour but vary the texture within, or between, spaces.

Haze comes in 6 natural and muted colours, printed.

‘Lys’ in modulyss refers to the river Leie. This picturesque river is an undeniable part of the Flemish heritage and has played an important role in the Belgian linen and textile industry. If you get up early, you can see the mist over the water before it dissipates and spreads through the landscape. This mysterious yet graceful fog, a shape in constant change, is mimicked in the pattern of Haze.



Cobbles features a forgiving speckle across the gorgeous colour palette, always a plus for heavy commercial use.

16 muted tones, solution-dyed, tufted loop pile.

You can’t immerse yourself in Flemish heritage without mentioning cycling and cobblestone roads. Their typical granite structure, shifting colours and irregular shapes serve as an inspiration for the speckled design of Cobbles.

The Heritage Collection is a timeless, heavy commercial carpet available in the standard 50cm x 50cm tile, and with the option of 100 x 100cm, or plank 50cm x 100cm and 25cm x 100cm. Standard, eco-back and cushion back options.

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