The Sorted Collection

The Sorted Collection-1

The Sorted Collection won’t hinder or limit creative expression – it encourages it.
With colour names like Eccentric, Rebel, Flamboyant and Mindful, The Sorted Collection’s Misfit and Typecast harmoniously interact while also maintaining their unique characteristics.

The Sorted Collection-2

Misfit provides whimsical pattern elements, sophisticated textural layering and thoughtful colour application, while Typecasts’ colourway washes from light to dark providing the ability to create uncomplicated yet complex tile installations in areas that beg to be pushed beyond the norm.

The Sorted Collection-3

“Globally, we’re seeing a defiant shift away from divisive individuals and organizations. There is a powerful desire to reverse hatred, separation and disconnection, and to champion freedom and respect for all,” said Ginger Gilbert, Vice President of creative for Bentley. “Most of us understand we must live harmoniously together, yet we also realize there’s nothing wrong with standing out, and we should feel free to do so without judgment. This is why we created ‘Sorted’.”

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Bentley’s environmental certificates include Cradle to Cradle™, NSF 140 – Sustainable Carpet Assessment, CRI Green Label Plus, and Declare Labels. They have also achieved LBC Compliant status through the Living Building Challenge.

Bentley’s Sorted Collection is a beautiful and versatile solution for a variety of functions and formats.

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