Tretford have been making sustainable carpet tiles, roll and rugs from goat hair for more than 50 years.
The corded look of the carpet is distinctive and consistent, the variety being in the range of extra-ordinary colours, from intense brights through to delicate pastels, and natural tones of the hair, undyed. There are 4 undyed colours in the range – Dapple Grey, Double Cream, Silver Birch and Uzbek, and 56 naturally dyed colours.

Tretford is sought after in both residential and commercial settings for a variety of reasons;
1. Colour and texture
2. It doesn’t fray so can be cut and shaped, laid in situ as carpet or wall coverings in any design, or made into custom rugs
3. The fibre is ethically sourced, is natural, and naturally dyed
4. The intrinsic nature of the fibre has environmental benefits, including improving air quality by holding dust, and absorbing and releasing moisture from the air in a room as it is needed.
5. It is a sustainable product
6. Using the goat hair supports Mongolian goat farmers and their herds

The story of Tretford is captivating. Highland Asian goats grow a thick layer of ‘guard’ hair in the autumn, to insulate themselves for the harsh Himalayan winter. In the Spring, they shed in preparation for the hot summer months. Whilst the soft belly hair is used for clothing, the sturdy top coat is a by-product that the herders gently hand-clip for Tretford to use for their carpet. This is considered pre-consumer recycled content, as this coat would otherwise be discarded.
The clipped hair is hand sorted and washed with rain or ground water and mild, chemical-free soap, that is then recycled for irrigation.
The health of the goats is paramount, and directly affects the quality of the hair. Only the best quality is used for Tretford, so keeping the herd in optimal health is essential. Tretford now supports over 1000 Mongolian farmers and communities, with over a million happy goats contributing their top coats for this beautiful, sustainable carpet.

Tretford is suitable for residential, multi-residential, hospitality and commercial use, and because the natural goat hair fibre actively improves indoor air quality, it is ideal for wellness, education and early childcare spaces.

Heritage Carpets is proud to be the sole importer and distributor of Tretford carpet tile, broadloom and rugs in New Zealand.

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